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Left to right: Herman, John and his son Johnnie, Henrietta (Herman's wife), Cecilia (Richard's wife), and Norberto "Albert" Rodriguez.

Obituary of Frank Martinez, Sr. (1922-1997)

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Biographical information sheet on Florence Vallejo Terronez

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Page 1 of "Rodriguez Family of Holy City Bettendorf Family Genealogy and History," by Ernest Rodriguez
Family genealogy and history of the family of Albert and Muggie Belva Rodriguez, written by Ernest Rodriguez. In the last three pages of this memoir, Ernest writes about David and Manuel Macías.

Basilisa and family.jpg
Basilisa Herrera, known as "Mama Bacha," in her home in Davenport, Iowa. Basilisa left with her son Marcelino, His wife Lupe, and their children. Valerie Ramriez bottom left.

Dawn Jimenez and husband Joseph Jimenez posing with dog and children, Davenport, 2000s
Photograph of Dawn Jimenez, husband Joseph Jimenez, dog, and children in Davenport, Iowa, in the 2000s.
Norberto "Albert" Rodriguez holding daughter Estefania near the boxcars at Holy City, Bettendorf, Iowa, 1925
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