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Between the 1910s and 1940s, the Holy City barrio was home to many Mexicans who worked in the foundries of the Bettendorf Car Company and Zimmerman Steel Company
From left, Richard (3 yrs.), John (4 yrs.), and Estefania Rodriguez (5 yrs.) in front of their boxcar home in Holy City, Bettendorf, Iowa, ca. 1928.
Photograph of Muggie Adams Rodriguez holding daughter Estefania Joyce, Bettendorf, Iowa, December 1923. "Probably not Holy City because no houses there had siding. Probably a house on State Street in Bettendorf."
Photograph of Estefania Rodriguez sitting on blanket in Bettendorf, Iowa, 1923
Photograph of Adeline "Aunt Tiny" Adams Rowlett standing with little boy near the boxcars in Holy City barrio, ca. 1928.
Norberto "Albert" Rodriguez holding daughter Estefania near the boxcars at Holy City, Bettendorf, Iowa, 1925

Flooding of cottages in the Holy City barrio, Bettendorf, Iowa

American G. I. Forum, Minority Coalition, Davenport (MIN-CO).
Proteus, Illinois Migrant Council, Rock Island Arsenal

Ernest Milton Rodriguez was born in 1928 in boxcar #8, Holy City, Bettendorf, Iowa.
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