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"Remembering Cook's Point"
Jim Arpy, "Remembering Cook's Point," Quad City Times, Davenport, 1974.

Page 1 of "Rodriguez Family of Holy City Bettendorf Family Genealogy and History," by Ernest Rodriguez
Family genealogy and history of the family of Albert and Muggie Belva Rodriguez, written by Ernest Rodriguez. In the last three pages of this memoir, Ernest writes about David and Manuel Macías.

Front cover
"The Labor of a Mother," a memoir written by Martina Morado Vallejo 1953 to 1958, translated by daughter Florence Vallejo Terronez

Mexican American women and children in Davenport carrying signs to protest discriminatory hiring practices at the Oscar Mayer plant: "1970 Year of the Chicano" and "Don't buy Oscar Mayer products, August 1970."
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