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In the LULAC National Supreme Council Meeting report, March 1969, John Terronez (the Iowa LULAC State Director) describes Iowa LULAC's efforts throughout the year.

Fort Madison LULAC 1.jpg
National LULAC officers meet with leaders of Iowa's first LULAC council (Fort Madison's LULAC Council 304) to discuss challenges facing Mexican Americans in Iowa.

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In the Mexican store in Fort Madison.

Photograph of Gregorio Díaz, the son of María & Claro Díaz, El Cometa, Fort Madison, Iowa, 1920s.

Photograph of María Díaz outside boxcar home in El Cometa, Fort Madison Iowa, 1920s.

Photograph of Claro Díaz, El Cometa, Fort Madison Iowa, 1920s.

Sanborn_Fort Madison.jpg
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Fort Madison Iowa showing "Mexican Shanty Town," or the barrio known as "El Cometa," located in the Santa Fe Railroad Yard.
11th Annual Iowa LULAC Convention at the Anthes Hotel in Fort Madison, Iowa held on June 8th, 1968

Garcia 5.JPG
Celebrating Mexican Independence Day, Fort Madison, Iowa, ca. 1926.
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