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Off-duty pass for Rudolph Macías, ca. 1942.

Western Union telegram from Rudy Macías to his mother Guadalupe Macías, 1945. At the end of the war, Rudy Macias telegrammed his mother in Davenport: "I'M OVER HERE FROM OVER THERE AND WILL BE WITH YOU SOON, LOVE RUDY."

V-Mail Mother's Day greetings from Private Rudolph Macías to his mother Guadalupe Macías in Davenport, Iowa, 1944.

Rudy Macias address card.

Plasencia brothers003.jpg
Mexican American women in West Des Moines, Iowa, collecting scrap metal to support the war effort, 1942.

A letter from alderman Joseph Terronez in support of renaming Second Street in Silvis, Illinois, Hero Street and building a monument to commemorate the Mexican Americans who lost their lives in World War II and the Korean war, 1968-05-12

Carmen Rosado is interviewed about her experience in the Las WACS - The Women's Army Corps.

Information about WACS Portorriquenas (Puerto Ricans).

Carmen Rosado was among the first 200 Puerto Rican women to be recruited into the WAC's during World War II. This is the first book to document the experiences of the first 200 Puerto Rican women who participated in said conflict as members of the…
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