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In the LULAC National Supreme Council Meeting report, March 1969, John Terronez (the Iowa LULAC State Director) describes Iowa LULAC's efforts throughout the year.

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This newsletter page includes a brief piece about the "Little School of the 400," a preschool program inspired by national LULAC president Felix Tejerina, that aimed to teach Mexican American children in Texas 400 basic English words, enabling them…

Letter to Paul Rodriguez regarding the death of his son, Buster Rodriguez (brother of Ila Plasencia).

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Mexican American women in West Des Moines, Iowa, collecting scrap metal to support the war effort, 1942.

In front of her high school in Des Moines.

Blanca Vasquez, second from left, with Puerto Rican women at Fort Des Moines, 1945

Puerto Rican WACs celebrate New Year's Eve at national Women's Army Corps training camp, Fort Des Moines, Iowa. 1944.

1945-02-27 Lt. Ikalina Moore Boontown, Fort Des Moines, Iowa
Friends and family of Blanca Vasquez stationed at Fort Des Moines, Iowa.
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