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Biographical information sheet on Florence Vallejo Terronez

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Obituary of Frank Martinez, Sr. (1922-1997)

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Vallejo sisters outside their home, Des Moines, Iowa, June 1945.
Photograph of the Vallejo sisters the day after Agnes' wedding, in Des Moines, Iowa, June 1945. Left to right: Margaret, Agnes, Florence, Benita, Dorothy, Linda, and Josie.

Type: Photograph

Photograph of the Vallejo family ca. 1934. Julius R. Vallejo (father), Margaret Vallejo Diaz, Helen Vallejo Lopez, Salvador Vallejo, Felix Vallejo, Florence Vallejo, Agnes Vallejo, James Vallejo, Martina Morado Vallejo (mother), Benita Vallejo,…

Type: Photograph

Photograph of Julius Vallejo (age 23) with his mother and brother, 1920s. Left to right: Julius Vallejo, Josefa Vallejo, Felix Vallejo.

Type: Photograph

Photograph of Julius and Martina Vallejo in Horton Kansas, ca. 1921. Left to right: Julius Vallejo, Martina Morado Vallejo, children James (on chair) Helen, Margaret, and Salvador.

Type: Photograph

Photograph of the Vallejo sisters, early 1940s, on the occasion of the 35th wedding anniversary of Martina and Julius Vallejo.

Type: Photograph

Funeral mass program for James M. Vallejo who lived April 14, 1921 - January 6, 2006

Migrant worker family, Mason City
Photograph of migrant worker family in Mason City, Iowa.

Photograph of Diaz family in front of their boxcar, El Cometa, Fort Madison, Iowa, 1920s.
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