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Corporacion Musical Miguel Hidalgo, Silvis, Illinois, 1923.
Manuel Macias, Director, David Macias, Asistente. The band played a potpourri of American tunes, European classics and Mexican folk music. David Macias standing far right.

Photograph of the railroad yard in Silvis, Illinois, where many families lived. At its peak, around 400 Mexicans lived in three adjacent areas within the Rock Island railroad yards in Silvis in the Mexican settlement known as La Yarda. The first two…

Photograph of the first band of the Silvis Mexican Community, Silvis, Illinois, 1921. Manuel Macias, director, far left; David Macias, assistant director, behind base drum..

Newspaper clipping on Anthony and Florence Terronez's community service contributions

Type: Newspaper Clipping

1968 article written about the formation of the Silvis, Illinois Mexican Community's first church in 1927.
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