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In the LULAC National Supreme Council Meeting report, March 1969, John Terronez (the Iowa LULAC State Director) describes Iowa LULAC's efforts throughout the year.

Iowa City shanties near the railroad.jpg
The five rectangular buildings seen in this image were the shanties lived in by Mexican families during the 1930s.

Cook's Point.jpg
Article on Cook's Point written in 1996

Iowa LULAC councils, labor unions, and migrant agencies marched in Des Moines to press for passage of migrant worker bills pending in the Iowa legislature. Fifteen hundred activists marched in Des Moines in March 1969. This type of collective action…

Photograph of the railroad yard in Silvis, Illinois, where many families lived. At its peak, around 400 Mexicans lived in three adjacent areas within the Rock Island railroad yards in Silvis in the Mexican settlement known as La Yarda. The first two…

1979-07-25 Letter of permission from Rev. William O'Connor
A 14-page document including historical background of Mexican Americans from Davenport, IA and the results of a survey given to residents of Cook’s Point, an area within the southwestern city limits of Davenport primarily inhabited by families of…
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