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In the LULAC National Supreme Council Meeting report, March 1969, John Terronez (the Iowa LULAC State Director) describes Iowa LULAC's efforts throughout the year.

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Kathryn Espinosa and other Mexican American women picketing the Decker & Company meatpacking plant in Mason City, Iowa, during the nationwide packinghouse strike of 1948.

Newspaper clipping, preserved in the papers of Mary Terronez, the mother of John Terronez, undated (ca. 1969).

"LULAC Glances" published by the Iowa state LULAC reports on local news.

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Article "Ain't I a Woman?" was written in August 1970 by Iowa City feminists about Mexican American women picketing the Oscar Mayer plant in Davenport, Iowa, to protest discriminatory hiring practices.
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