These vignettes tell the life stories of some of the Latinas and Latinos whose oral history interviews, photographs, and historical documents are preserved in the Iowa Women's Archives.  Written by University of Iowa undergraduate student Catherine Babikian, the vignettes are based on oral history interviews and related documents preserved in the Iowa Women's Archives through the Mujeres Latinas Project. Interviewers included UI graduate students Teresa García and Iskra Núñez, UI librarian Rachel Garza Carreón, and educational liaison Georgina Buendía-Cruz. The vignettes provide insight into the many ways that Mexicans and their descendants have contributed to Iowa's social, political, and economic history since the early 1900s. 

New vignettes are written as additional historical documents are donated to the Mujeres Latinas Collection. In this way, we can continue preserving and bringing to light the rich narrative of Iowa Latino history. 

If you are interested in contributing memoirs, photographs, or other documents about your family history to the Mujeres Latinas Collection, please contact the Iowa Women's Archives.