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Iowa City railroad stockyards 1917.jpg
Mexican railroad workers labored and socialized in this area near the freight depot and stockyards.

Iowa City shanties near the railroad.jpg
The five rectangular buildings seen in this image were the shanties lived in by Mexican families during the 1930s.

Page 1 of map of Cook's Point barrio drawn by Joseph Gomez<br />
Map of Cook's Point barrio drawn by Joseph Gomez

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Sanborn_Fort Madison.jpg
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Fort Madison Iowa showing "Mexican Shanty Town," or the barrio known as "El Cometa," located in the Santa Fe Railroad Yard.

Between the 1910s and 1940s, the Holy City barrio was home to many Mexicans who worked in the foundries of the Bettendorf Car Company and Zimmerman Steel Company
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